3 Web Design Trends in Toronto for a Stunning Spring

March 14, 2018

A website, like many other things, needs to be updated from time to time to stay relevant and engage users old and new. While trends can be something you may feel you need to shy away from to be original, in website design, incorporating what’s becoming popular before it’s huge can make your website stand out and leave a lasting impression on your users. Here are some incoming trends that will captivate your audience while keeping your brand on the cusp of tomorrow.
Poster homepages
A full-screen design for your homepage with video and bigger images has been hot in general, but this trend has been evolving. Some websites now have removed text and main navigational elements to get more of a movie or poster look. It’s almost like a combination of minimalist elements with just slightly more ornate styles and bolder colors. On its face, this may not sound like enough to hook users, but this approach can be very effective with the proper visuals. A poster-style homepage is only as good as the text and visual quality. Because there is not a lot of space for putting out messages to create interest, the homepage design does have to be exceptional.
One specific concern with this style is that when you remove key traditional elements – such as a clear call to action button – users will leave the website out of confusion. That’s why it’s important to give users something to do while still providing an impressive visual appearance at the same time.
Purple haze
With a purple hue being named 2018’s color by Pantone, it’s no surprise that purple is starting to pop up everywhere in its various shades. Purple does blend well with many other hues, even as a part of minimal black-and-white schemes. Purple isn’t as overused as shades like blue and can give your users a stronger first impression. There are lots of shades to chose from, so don’t be afraid to get a little creative and go for something outside the traditional dark, royal violet tones.
Text and gradients
Gradients are no longer limited to photo overlays and backgrounds. They can be used with purpose to add some emphasis to your text elements, a trend that is just now starting to emerge. Some people don’t care for gradients and prefer a flat design, but these features really can be stunning when used in creative and appealing ways.
As with trends in other industries, there are upsides and downsides to trying these new or emerging concepts. If you’re not entirely sold on any of these trends, try to visualize how they could fit into your website and speak to your Toronto web design company about seeing them in action in the form of a preview. Trying something new always tends to feel pretty risky when it comes to a business, especially when it’s for a website, but if you don’t take a chance, you may be missing out on an entirely new audience for your business.