If you’re planning to create an attention-grabbing online presence, engaging a service offering web design in Toronto or the surrounding areas will no doubt be a high priority. But how do you ensure you’re making the right choice?

It all comes down to user experience (UX).

The most effective UX strategies are constructed using four main pillars, which provide a solid framework that can be built upon to help businesses deliver top-quality experiences. These pillars consider both behavioural and psychological factors which influence the ways users interact with websites and help businesses to deliver on their objectives in clear, tangible ways.

To determine whether your chosen team has the knowledge and ability to help your business thrive, here’s what you need to know about the pillars of UX.


When interacting with a well-designed website, users find it incredibly easy to engage with the product or service and complete their intended tasks. There are a range of tasks that users may want to complete, including browsing for general information, seeking out reviews and testimonials, or making a purchase.


In order to deliver optimised experiences to your target audience, steps must be taken to consider the varied accessibility needs of that audience. For example, to ensure that your website is accessible for people with a visual impairment, it must be compatible with screen-reader technology. Or for visitors with a hearing impairment, clearly subtitling all video content will ensure that each element of your website remains relevant to every user.


It is not enough to simply have a website that is easy to use. In order to meet the high expectations of your audience, your website must also provide value to ensure that your business enjoys success within your marketplace.

Users have a good understanding of their explicit needs, which include functionality and usability. However, it is imperative to ensure that your website is also satisfying their implicit needs, which may include providing supplementary information that they didn’t know they were looking for but will regard as relevant and valuable. Ultimately this will allow you to deliver a meaningful experience that users will find fulfilling and of high value.


It’s one thing to have a functional website but it’s another thing entirely to have a functional website that users WANT to engage with. Just think about how many popular video games there are out there with a poor level of usability, including complex instructions and confusing navigation menus. However, people keep going back to them because they’re engaging. Your website needs to achieve something similar.


Our design teams recognise how each pillar of UX strategy informs key design decisions and we have the skills and experience to deliver an excellent marketplace-disrupting website for your business.