4 Things to Check When Your Ranking is Rapidly Dropping

September 13, 2018

The search console

The Google Search Console essentially lets you look under the hood of your website. Messages here can help you identify any internal linking issues or errors, and you can take a look at your crawl rate and when your site was last visited by Googlebot. If that was a while ago, request that the bot accesses your website for renewed updates. You can also look at keyword searches that are benefiting your website the most and share that information with your Toronto web design team for help.

Your tracking code

Unreliable data can cause issues when it comes to web traffic, which impacts rankings. One common reason behind a drop here is your website’s tracking code. A simple change here can cause problems with your Google Analytics plug-ins. If you find an issue, consult a Toronto web design firm for help.

Loss of links

Google has already issued a warning about guest posting solely designed to gain a link. This is why it’s important to link by placing guest posts on high-authority websites. You can be penalized for guest posting on sites with low domain authority. Increase your marketing and social media efforts to make connections with high-authority websites so you’ll have the chance to get your brand and website out there.

Your website’s content

Google’s algorithms specifically exclude low-quality content when ranking websites, and sites with low-quality content are penalized. To create better content that Google is looking for, keep the points below in mind.

  • Aim for longer content. Google prefers longer word counts. Blurbs, once used to gain engine rankings, are no longer preferable.
  • Always use images that are high in quality.
  • Offer in-depth educational content that will answer questions your prospects are likely to have.
  • Keep any pop-ups or ads that will interfere with user experience to the absolute minimum.
  • Have a website interface that is as user-friendly as possible.

Although producing content for your website does involve time and money (in some cases), it’s well worth the effort in the end. Always double-check content before you post to ensure it’s as error-free and accurate as possible. Quality is essential here, so if there’s an area in which you’re weak, you may need to hire someone to help. If, for example, you’re not good at taking photos, you’re better off hiring someone experienced to take the photos rather than posting poor photos on your website.

If you are facing a decline in your website’s search engine rankings, it’s only natural to panic. A lower ranking usually means lower conversions, as there’s no chance for conversion when people don’t find your website when they are searching. If you have trouble figuring out what is causing the ranking decline or what to do about it, speak to a Toronto web design firm for help. Web design professionals will be able to identify factors you’re missing and offer potential solutions.