5 Warning Signs of a Bad Web Designer

September 26, 2017

When hiring a web designer, it’s important to make sure you get the right person or company for the job. There are many excellent Toronto web design companies, like everywhere in the world, but as with any industry, some providers are simply not up to scratch.
Hiring a company over the internet can be daunting, and without a brick-and-mortar headquarters to go to, you may find yourself suspicious and unwilling to pay money to someone who might just be an elaborate scam.
Fortunately, most designers are the real deal. For those that aren’t, there are lots of signs to look for that should tip you off and send you running for the hills. Here are some of the main red flags.
Too Cheap
You don’t have to spend billions of dollars on a web design company, but there are some limits. Many of the exceptionally cheap designers out there have low prices for a reason and should be approached with caution.
Make sure to shop around and find out what the going rate is for your kind of project. If someone is offering to do the work for significantly less, ask why. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a bad designer; they may be new to the field and looking for experience, for example. However, generally speaking, you get what you pay for.
Poor Communicators
When working with a digital company, communication is absolutely essential. Of course, designers are busy and you’re unlikely to be their only client, so instant, around-the-clock replies are probably too much to ask.
If, however, you find yourself frequently left hanging, awaiting responses to urgent queries, and struggling to make contact with your designer, it may be time to look elsewhere.
Bad Credentials
When hiring a designer, you should always look at their previous work and any references they have. Good companies and freelancers will make this information easy to find. After all, they have nothing to hide. If a designer is being hesitant to share this, it may be because their record isn’t great.
It goes without saying that if a certain company is associated with a heap of negative reviews and a shoddy-looking portfolio, they probably aren’t going to be much fun to work with. You should even do your research when working with people you know personally.
Nothing but Design
A designer’s job is to design a website. They aren’t copywriters, SEO experts, or bloggers. However, they should always acknowledge the need for these skills in the website-building process. If a designer has no idea about any aspects of website building beyond the design itself, this suggests a lack of understanding about the wider elements of the job.
You shouldn’t expect your designer to be responsible for non-design related tasks because it is not their job. However, they should be expected to show an awareness of how these things fit into the process and help make a successful website.
It’s easy to spot a shady designer if you know what to look out for; just be sure to remain vigilant!