The Ad Blocker Conundrum

March 19, 2018

Advertisements are not a new idea. Radio, print and digital ads are still prevalent every which way we look and listen today. This is especially true when browsing the world wide web, as digital ads are not always just sitting in the background. Sometimes they can be right in your face, forcing you to take action just to remove the content from the screen you were reading a moment ago so that you can continue with whatever you were doing. This can be disconcerting, but it can also be helpful; it all depends on the content of the ad.
The initial response
Every user will feel differently about ads, although most people find them to be a nuisance to some degree. Ad blockers that stop any annoying pop-up ad content from interrupting the website’s flow might sound ideal from a designer’s standpoint, but good web design companies will test their sites to see how the various types of ads and ad blockers might affect them. This helps maintain a free-flowing, user-friendly site for anyone who is clicking their way through a website.
Ad blockers are constantly evolving, so this can be a challenge. Some web browsers block content automatically, and many users have their own ad blocking software set up on their computer already. Using ad blockers may be a no-brainer to some people; why have an intrusive ad getting in the way of your impeccable content?
Using ads successfully
There is an understandable and important flipside to keep in mind. Websites that disallow all pop-up ads could be missing some opportunities. In this day of easy advertising – where influencers are aplenty on Instagram and in viral content – it is so important to showcase useful and important products that you or your company believe in.
For this reason, some sites use pop-up ads for products or services that they know the web user would find interesting. This isn’t just for the user, though, as the main benefit comes to the website owner. Knowing and understanding the important relationship one has with ad companies can be beneficial for your site’s traffic.
There’s another important point regarding ad blockers that’s necessary to understand. This involves website analytics. Certain comprehensive ad blockers may affect your results by blocking important scripts needed to keep your analytics data accurate. This is something to think about when choosing what type of ads to allow, or whether you should allow them at all!
Any Toronto web design company understands the important decisions that need to be made regarding how to best use advertisements on a website. It can be hard to decide on using pop-up ads in particular due to the risk of people wanting to click away before even getting into the content. Thankfully, there are ways around this, and any web design professional will be able to help. The bottom line is that advertisements are quite imperative to many websites. It is important to determine how best to use them for your needs.