Designing a Website with Metrics in Mind

April 18, 2018

In the world we live in today, metrics matter. Understanding the data behind who visits your website, how long they stay there, and if they return are all important things to consider. However, most of these things don’t really touch the lives of someone who does Toronto web design. We want to clue you in on how those things do matter and how a designer can make acquiring metrics easier.

Designing for Traffic Sources

When we talk about traffic sources, this is a term that describes the way website visitors end up on the website. This could be from a link on a site or a search on a search engine. There are some easy ways to make sure your site works well for gathering traffic. The biggest one is using search optimization practices, including proper meta attributes.

Designing for Keyword Success

Using proper keywords helps users find your website knowing that your content fills a need. There are a few ways for Toronto web design pros to optimize a website for keywords. You should link to content that has keywords similar to your own. You should also make sure any written material is written the same way users might read or speak. Finally, a responsive design can make the site more accessible.

New and Returning Visitors

Having a mix of new and returning visitors is important. If you are only bringing in new visitors, that probably means your website was not engaging. If everyone who visits is returning, you may be having trouble bringing in the right customers. Some of the ways to pull in both types of visitors is by offering a visually appealing website that is fun to look at. To keep visitors coming back, you may want to post new photos, videos, or other content that your users are looking for.

Most Frequently Visited Pages

When looking at metrics, one of the more interesting aspects can be the list of top ten pages. This shows exactly which pages are bringing in the majority of your website traffic. If you have a blog, this can help you determine which posts are the most interesting. This can give you a heads up on other topics that might work well with your audience. One of the ways to use this information in design is by providing links to the most visited pages on your main page. You could also incorporate a web page that links to the most popular stories or pages on the site.

As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate better metrics in your web design in Toronto. Following a few of the tips on this page may give you more information that helps you adapt and evolve your site to bring in more views. Of course, this is only the beginning, but understanding some of the simple ways to bring together web design and metrics may give your imagination a chance to go above and beyond.