Explaining What You Want to Your Toronto Web Design Company

September 5, 2018

No matter which company you choose for your needs, the business you choose for web design in Toronto has to have a grasp on what your business goals are and who your audience is. It might seem overwhelming to attempt to explain this to your designer, but it’s always better to be overly thorough than to forget to mention something crucial. We’ll help you determine what you need from your website and how to express that to your designer.

Possible Goals
There are dozens of goals you may be looking to reach with your new website. Maybe you want to build an entirely new website that is sure to bring in your target audience. You could be looking to simply add a new function to your website to make it more useful for users. Other possibilities include making alterations to increase traffic to your site or finding ways to boost your conversion rate.

New Website
There area lot of steps involved for a company offering web design in Toronto when you say you want a new site. It could be a responsive website with localization and web service calls. On the other hand, it might be only a one-page site with corporate info. Consider the following questions when you describe your needs.

  • Who the website is being designed to bring in?
  • What sort of site you are looking for, including its purpose?
  • Why your audience would want to visit your site and what makes it unique?
  • Where traffic will be brought in from?
  • How are you going to measure your goals?

Website Update
Your web designer will need to understand why you want an update more than anything else. This isn’t because you need to convince the expert, it’s because understanding your goals makes it easier for a designer to find the right solution. Consider why you want the update, as in what you hope to accomplish, what the update will entail in your opinion and whether the update is ready to go or in planning.

Increased Traffic
This is another situation where questions and answers matter. You want to bring in more people, but the process is more complicated than that. You likely want to bring in a certain type of user who may choose to become a customer. Before bringing in a designer, think about how you are updating your site now, what your content strategy is and how your content is shared amount the audience you are courting. You need to know what marketing your customer will appreciate to be able to bring them in.

Explaining What You Want
As we mentioned in this article, it’s important to understand what you want and why you want it. Having this information will place your designer in a position to be more successful. If you aren’t sure you have an answer to a question that is asked of you, do the research to find out what the answer is. It may alter your expectations in the future.