The Hottest Web Design Trends for 2018

May 24, 2018

Anytime you plan to hire someone to do web design in Toronto, it’s essential for that person to be aware of the latest trends in design. This is a profession where things are constantly changing and shifting with the current atmosphere helps prevent you from owning a website that seems stale or outdated. Keeping your own style is important, as well, but a new website or a redesign can make visitors excited and interested in your brand.


You may have noticed that many websites out on the web today incorporate simple designs. Flat colors, simple logos and whitespace are abundant, and there is a reason for that. The fewer assets that exist on a page, the quicker it will load for your users. It also makes the site easy to use and provides a way to optimize SEO easily. Some modern websites are even more minimalist with very little on the page besides the content, with no headers, sidebars or footers.


It’s no surprise that responsiveness is still crucial in web design of 2018. You may be aware that the last few years have pushed responsiveness, and that hasn’t changed. People expect your site to be optimized for whatever device they might be using, whether that’s a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Responsiveness is likely to be here to stay with mobile devices at the top of the usage list.

Adding Art

Art is beginning to see a resurgence when it comes to web design in Toronto. It’s especially popular for small businesses that want to give off a more relaxed and homey vibe, rather than seeming just the same as the big corporations. The type of art that is common on the scene right now is colorful and simple, which makes it merge well with minimalist websites that take advantage of bright colors.


In the past, typography was only a minor thought in the scope of design. As long as your font was readable and clean, you could stick it in the site and go forward. However, this is beginning to change as more headers and graphics take advantage of unique fonts. Even hand-drawn fonts are becoming more popular for logos and banners, which gives users a personal touch.


When visiting websites nowadays, everything from small hover effects to completely animated sites are making the Internet exciting. You’ll see buttons that slide or flash, logos that incorporate animation, and characters on the screen who interact with waves and blinks. Animation can add some spice to your website and draw people in, but you do have to be careful. Too much of it can cause loading times to drop and customers to become distracted.

Web Design of the Future

Web design is moving toward a personal but technologically advanced future. With exciting new fonts, beautiful hand-drawn art and more options for engagement, websites are moving towards looking as if they are built by people, not machines. Who knows where we go from here?