HTML 5 – A Boon in the World of Web Designing

December 7, 2016

In recent times, technology has captivated us in its vicious circle and there’s no looking back once you get the ease of using technology for a convenient living. And web designing is one of the inventions that has given a new face to the organizations. Nowadays, the digital presence of any company runs parallel to their online presence which is possible only with the existence of a good website. Now, there are various kinds of websites that are available in the industry. Out of which some are visually appealing while others are still trying to cope with the trends that are being followed in the market.

If you think a website comes to function once the layout template is ready then think again! A website is useless until and unless it’s developed with HTML by the developers. Now, I’m sure all are not aware of what HTML is. Are you? Well, HTML is the Hyper Text Markup Language, an irreplaceable element for creating web pages, websites and web applications. It is solely responsible for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. And HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML standard that has created a stir in the industry for all the right reasons. These days, HTML 5 is adapted by all the companies in terms of their website creation for its versatility and key features. So, I’ll list down the top features of HTML 5 because of which the platform occupies a top notch position in the world of web designing. To know more, keep reading below:
Simple DOCTYPEHTML 5 is the updated version of HTML standard with simple DOCTYPE. Now, this DOCTYPE supports all kinds of documents that are used for older as well as modern browsers. And most importantly, the browser that doesn’t understand this DOCTYPE will automatically submit the markup in standard mode. And this makes HTML 5 versatile and suitable for all..
Flexible quotation marksWith HTML 5, you don’t need to define values by using quotation marks. Well, the usage of the quotation marks depends on you whether you want to close the elements with quotation marks or not. But, for using more structured document, you can make use of the quotes. So, before writing the HTML 5 attributes you need to make up your mind carefully.
Utilization of new figure elementWell, this is one of the crucial features of HTML 5 that has rightly made this a blessing in the world of web pages. Previously, adding captions with images were difficult. But, now, with HTML 5, associating a caption with the image element is possible.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are many other attributes like easy editing of the texts, the newer and easier semantic elements, the placeholder, the usage of autofocus and much more explains the versatility of HTML 5 in a broader picture. So, nowadays, in Toronto, web design companies make use of HTML 5 while preparing web pages for their clients.