How to Include Social Media in Your Website Design

February 16, 2018

Nowadays, it’s a mistake to leave social media out of any part of a marketing campaign. However, sometimes this doesn’t make its way to the design of a website. The truth is that your business website needs to be the number one place that links to any social media accounts related to your organization. Any Toronto web design company in the know should make sure this is taken care of for your business website.
Here is a look at a few approaches to doing this in an elegant way.
Sharing Buttons
You should have options for sharing to social media on all your pages. People are impulsive and enjoy sharing something interesting or funny with their friends. Put share buttons on your homepage, your contact page, and on every blog post you make. You’ll be glad you did later. To see how this works in real life, visit a few company websites. See if you notice these buttons on their pages. Most of the companies that are successful will be using this option, and you should follow their example.
Social Media Logins
Does your site require an account? If so, it’s an excellent idea to make it as simple as linking to Facebook or Twitter. This saves people time and also increases the chance people will sign up for your company newsletter. It’s just one more way you can ensure that your website is friendly to social media and this generation’s world of plugged-in clients and customers.
Video Events
Another exciting way to implement social media on your website is by including social media videos. A perk of utilizing this option is that mixed media scores higher rankings in the SERPs via search engine algorithms. In addition, putting up some social media videos can give your website a boost in a totally different way than other options you might use.
Embedded Posts
If you want to show off your social media posts on your website, embedding your posts is an excellent option. You can link it in blog posts as a reference point for whatever topic or point you are trying to make. This will encourage those on your website to click through to your social media, where they might choose to become more involved with your brand. It can also offer a way to show things in a different light.
Link Your Profiles
While many companies choose to focus on one or two social media platforms, it is a good idea to have profiles on every platform you can think of. Social media is one of the most prevalent options for being visible in an increasingly online world. Your website should link to all of these social media sites. Anyone who lands on your website and sees your social media may end up a customer down the road. Make sure you explain how important this is to whichever Toronto web design company you choose to work with on your business website.