What to Look For In a Web Designer

May 12, 2017

Do They Have Style?

Style is vitally important when designing a website. It’s key for a site to look smooth, professional and inviting, but the style also needs to be appropriate for the theme. Some web designers might be the best in their field when it comes to designing gaming sites, for example, but know next to nothing about building an online shop.

It’s best to pick a designer who has experience and skill in your area, so you can be sure that they will deliver work that’s well-suited to what you want to achieve. Web design trends are constantly shifting and changing, so it’s also important to find a designer who keeps up to date and won’t give you a site that looks like it’s come straight out of 2004.

Will They Stick Around for Maintenance?

Building a successful website is not a one-off project. Websites require constant maintenance and care to ensure that they keep pace with technological advances and don’t suffer from bugs or glitches. The more media and plug-ins you use, the more attention your site will require.

As a result, it’s important to find a designer who is prepared to make revisions, perform regular updates and just keep your site ticking over. This won’t be a free service, but if you can find someone who is prepared to carry out these tasks on a regular basis, it’ll be worth the money.

Are They Easy To Work With?

Any business relationship requires some level of chemistry, and web design is no exception. Make sure that your chosen designer has a reputation for being good to work with, and can be relied on. This means they should be easy to contact, reliable and open. Most design companies and freelancers use client reviews and testimonials to prove their worth, and if these aren’t up to scratch, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

Are They Limited to Design?

If you really want to give your site a boost, you need to think beyond simple web design. Most reputable firms have additional staff to take care of things like marketing and SEO, which are essential components of an effective website. Many designers may excel at crafting a beautiful web page, but lack skills in other areas. The best service providers know to cover all bases.

Are They Experienced?

Last but certainly not least is experience. There may be new designers who are exceptionally talented, but the more experienced companies are always the safest bet. Of course, more experience tends to mean higher fees, but it’s a fair trade-off when you consider the results.

Overall, you should take some time to choose the best web designer for you before you begin. Web design in Toronto, especially, is a booming industry, and with so many different agencies and freelancers out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choice. However, after considering your niche and personal requirements, the task should become much easier.