Mobile Checkout Success In Web Design

March 26, 2018

It would be incredibly hard these days to find a mobile device user who hasn’t purchased something on the Internet. Amazon alone brings in millions of users to purchase things from toilet paper for a few dollars to autographed movie posters for hundreds of thousands of dollars! But no matter the product or price tag, there is one thing all online shopping venues should have in common: an easy to use and secure checkout process. Without this, users will not only not come back to your site, you may also be in danger of losing them before they have finished the purchase in the first place.
All about the flow
The goal of web design in Toronto is to keep users clicking around a website long enough to really get into the product or company. This is done by concentrating on having a certain kind of flow that is appropriate for the needs and purpose of the site. For the checkout process on an online shop, more people are realizing the importance of having the flow similarly easy to use to both desktop and mobile devices.
Going that extra step for mobile users is key in this day. A good flow for a mobile user will take into account the placement of key buttons and fields that need to be filled in, allowing for text that is easy to read and placed in a logical order. It is also important to remove any unnecessary pop ups during the checkout for mobile users, as these can take over an entire phone screen, stopping the free flow feeling and putting the customer off.
Practical design
Practicality is what it’s all about when it’s time to get the purchase. This is not the time to do anything extra, especially on a small mobile screen. Get the payment details, billing and shipping address and add in a final confirmation. The user should feel as though they are using a desktop, without having to use multiple fingers to zoom in on important information.
This practical use of a checkout system should also keep to the theme and beautiful design of the website. This can be done by using the key colors or fonts that were throughout the site, as well as any logos or slogans. This reminds the user that they are still on the reputable and secure site they began on, so they feel the whole process from shopping to checkout is one enjoyable experience.
In the end, what we really want for the website user is to give them a simple process that is easy to understand and that makes sense. Having a step-by-step checkout process, with the steps clearly listed at the beginning, will give the user the heads up as to what is going to happen during their checkout. If they have used the site before, being able to tap into previously used cards is ideal, especially for the frequent online shoppers of the world. Whatever you choose for your site, just remember to keep it simple and practical!