Organizing Your Website Content in Light of a Redesign

June 20, 2018

Content organization is one of those things that is essential to being successful online but often doesn’t receive the required support. Posting weak content at the last minute is not the way to gain viewers and should not be a situation you find yourself in. No matter how amazing the company is that does your web design in Toronto, having content that is subpar and poorly organized presents a problem.

Utilize Sitemaps

To begin organizing the content on your site, the easiest option is to start with a traditional site map. This shows all of your content types and puts them in a priority system. This gives the entire team a way to quickly determine what the structure of the website is and where information best fits. With current trends pushing simple navigation design, you don’t want to clutter your navigation with too many options. Look to find ways to streamline so it’s easier for a visitor to find what they want. Interactive menus are a great option for this.

Amount of Content

Years ago, it seemed that online space was unlimited, which meant businesses posted everything possible online. This isn’t the same in the world of today. Instead, less is usually more. If you need to provide a large amount of information, use links so that users have access to it but aren’t overwhelmed by a wall of text. The users who don’t need those details still get the information in a bite-sized chunk. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Best Practices

One of the most important aspects of content is the headline. Subheadings are also excellent for elaborating on the headline you choose. Beyond that, the content should be short and simple to read. Number or bulleted lists can help with this. Calls to action can break up the content, as well, while providing a way to advertise what you offer. The same holds true for charts, images and diagrams that break up content.

Content Quality

Most of your website content is going to be of an informational variety. You want to include information about your products, services, industry and business. At times, this might be technical and require detailed information. Sometimes it may be more marketing heavy. In either case, what you don’t want is content that is written badly. This is how you show off to your customers. Make sure the person writing for your is capable and professional. The perfect time to do that is during a redesign.

There are many ways to make your content flow better and attract the customers you want. These tips give you a place to start. The company providing your web design in Toronto can take care of making the site beautiful and up to date, but you have to put the work in when it comes to content. Make sure you do that in a way that showcases your company and the culture that surrounds it in the best possible light.