Selling reports is not like selling widgets

Visiongain is one of the fastest growing business intelligence providers in the UK, publishing over 1,500 independent and insightful market reports produced by experienced analysts, many of whom are educated to masters and PhD level and are experts in their field.

They approached us to replace their previous website which was looking tried and no longer fit for purpose. They needed a dynamic, professional looking website to match the expectations of their clients.

Unlike an ecommerce site that sells a product that is physically delivered, VisionGain’s product – a report – needs to be delivered online instantly after purchase, and delivered securely in a way that the content can not be shared. This was achieved with military-grade encryption allowing the customer to view (but not share) the report therefore protecting VisionGain’s digital rights.

Highly customised

This is not your typical ecommerce site. To achieve the user experience that VisionGain needed, the site required a large amount of customisation to the standard WooCommerce install. For instance, visitors can request a sample report for each of the 1,500 reports available. Links to these samples are dynamically generated and provided in an email. When the visitor has found a report they wish to purchase they can view the price in different currencies and choose different licensing models to suit their needs.

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