Principles to Follow While Designing a Start-Up Website

January 5, 2017

It’s been estimated by the Globe and Mail in Canada that there are more than 4,000 active tech start-ups in Toronto. However, many start-up businesses do not have massive budgets in the early days and nor do they have huge manpower to do the work. This is one of the primary reasons why start-ups cannot afford to experiment with their marketing. As a start-up ramps up, they usually struggle since they do not have the right funding to market their campaigns and promote their work or company. Furthermore, limited budgets and limited employees tend to slow the pace of work. In spite of these challenges, the one requirement that remains constant both for start-ups and larger, more established brands is a well-designed official website.
It is important to note that an official website becomes the digital storefront of the business and plays an influential role in either making or breaking the business. In the case of larger brands, a small error in the website design will not have a significant impact however in the case of a start-up website, even the smallest of mistakes can impact sales and damage reputation.
Understanding the gravity of the situation, it is important to note that a website for start-ups needs to follow some basic principles that will never go wrong. Following these vital principles will prove to be beneficial in the long run and give the desired results that will help a start-up to push sales.
Website functionality – When creating the website it is important to have a proper definition of the website in the initial design stage. This will help in designing the website in the right way from its very core stage. In case the website is all about sending the right information, then the popular open-source CMS like Drupal or WordPress is the go-to option. In case the website is all about selling products or services then choose Magento or Shopify as they are the trusted e-commerce software solutions.
Brand Awareness – Brand awareness is always important for the target audience to know about your business. This, however, does not mean that the website should just focus on a unique logo and make sure to place it strategically in the right place on the home page and think that the job is done. It is important to incorporate the brand in all the elements of your website. Color schemes, images and write-ups are important aspects that need to be related to your business. This will help visitors to form a brand connect with your business and relate to it.
Focus on Mobile Audience – All reliable and highly skilled web designers will be aware of the latest web design trends and will incorporate the same in your website as well. Talking about these trends, mobile responsive web design is extremely important because that reaches out to a larger audience base. Adding the right responsive techniques in your website is important to grab the attention of mobile users as well.
When designing a website for a start-up company reliable Toronto web design companies keep in mind the above-mentioned factors to get the best results that will ensure to set the revenue bells ringing.