Questions That Should Be Asked Before A New Website Is Designed

July 13, 2018

From Los Angeles to New York to Toronto, web design trends try to stay ahead. They are always changing with what viewers want and finding ways to keep them coming back for more. A business owner’s online presence relies a lot on how effective the website is and whether it helps reach the desired end result for the viewer.

What is the main purpose of the site?

Different types of websites will have different goals and purposes. For instance, an online shop has a goal to create a stress-free shopping experience paired with an easy check out process. A photographer’s online gallery will need to allow the art to pop while being user friendly to browse gallery to gallery. Knowing exactly what the main purpose is of the site helps establish the best web design.

What features does the site need?

To answer this question, it is imperative to know exactly what the business entails. Knowing the ins and the outs of the product allows the web design to feature the most important parts prominently with easy to manoeuvre design elements. It’s also good to know if any features change frequently, as this can be something that can help the business in keeping the viewer entertained visit after visit. Keeping items on the website fresh and new is a sure-fire way to keep people coming back for more.

Who is the intended viewer?

This question must be answered right along with the first two. Knowing exactly who the website is targeting allows not only the design to reach the intended audience but also which content to choose to feature. It’s important to understand what the audience traditionally likes: what makes them tick. Try to think about what the audience wants from the whole experience so that it can be catered to them from start to finish.

Who else is competing for the same audience?

It is said to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right? Well, we don’t want to presume that other websites are the enemy, but it is helpful to know who you are up against. Standing out from the pack of similar websites is important for more clicks, and there is no better way to do that than with very clever and intuitive web design.

How is this site different than the rest?

Speaking of the competition, it is great if you can find some very specific ways that your website can really stand out. Whether the business is new to the scene or has been around for awhile, celebrate the things that make it different both in content and in style. Let the Toronto web design speak to the uniqueness of the website itself.

With so many paths to take for a brand new website design, it’s important to really map out and understand the main goals. This includes understanding the intended audience inside and out to really let the Toronto web design reach the most people.