How a Responsive Web Design Will Benefit Your Business

April 7, 2017

Responsive web design is one of the biggest design trends in recent years, as it vastly improves the user’s online experience. If you own a business with a website you can benefit from this in multiple ways.

Here is how a responsive web design will benefit your business.
Combine Analytics and Reporting

Having one responsive website with analytic tools will make it much easier for you to track your progress. You will be able to use Google Analytics to track user journeys and conversation paths, as well as redirections to your website. You can then put all of the data into one single report that you can analyse.

Improve Mobile and Tablet Outreach

The main reason why responsive websites were designed was to improve mobile and tablet outreach. This is because a responsive website can track the size of the user’s screen to properly fit the device. This means that a responsive website is much easier to use on mobile and tablet devices, so customers using those devices will be more likely to stay on your website, rather than leave to find another website that is mobile optimised.

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Improve Search Engine Visibility

Responsive websites require less website maintenance as they can be managed with one set of hyperlink texts. This means that website owners have more time to work on the SEO strategy, which will require a lot of time if it is to be successful.

If you have a responsive website you can focus on improving your website’s SEO and content. This will increase your search engine rankings so that your website is visible to more people.

Boost Sales

Another one of the main benefits of a responsive website is that the whole website will be consistent and professional. This is because website owners don’t need to direct their customers to another page to pay for their items, which helps promote trust and increase sales.

It also means that the website is visually appealing and easy to use, so customers will find that the buying experience is quick and easy.

Make Mobile Development Easier

One of the main things that website owners are thinking about in 2017 is mobile development. Today more internet users are on their mobile than on their laptop, so it is important to ensure that your website can be viewed on a mobile device.

Of course, designing an entire mobile website from scratch is a time consuming and expensive task, but it is much easier if you have a responsive website. This is because a responsive website can easily be adapted for mobile devices, and the website owner doesn’t have to pay for a whole new website.

There are lots of good reasons why your website should be responsive – it will boost sales, improve the user experience and make your website more mobile friendly. Don’t put off important website updates that could help to boost your brand, invest in your brand!