Saving Money When Building a Website in 2018

August 1, 2018

No matter what year you build your website, what drives the price is how complex it is. When it’s a simple site without a ton of extras, it’s going to be cheaper than a site with more complex requirements. The more time it takes to plan it, the more time it takes to design it then build it. But what do we mean by complexity?

Website Complexity

Complexity is determined by looking at the plan for the website. For instance, a redesign is going to be less expensive than creating a new website as many aspects of the site can stay the same. You also want to consider the level of creative design needed by the team offering web design in Toronto. The same applies when it comes to complex technical aspects. Finally, you need to consider how much maintenance and marketing will be needed following launch.

Redesign on a Budget

When you have an old website, the project is often easier to handle. There is less complexity and less effort needs to be expended. You can expect to pay less on a redesign than you would pay on a new site. However, if you have no existing website, you have to consider the costs of branding, content creation, strategy, design, SEO and programming.

Creative Design

It may not always be obvious which creative design aspects will cost more than others. If you are having issues building an image for your brand, you may need extra effort which means paying more. However, if you know exactly what you want, it can be done and posted quickly. That means you save money. In either case, adding media like photos and video can add on to the expenses either way.

Technical Functions

In most cases, the programming and technical aspect of a design takes up half the budget. If you have a medium or small sized business, you probably don’t need major complexity here. Features like ecommerce, membership, integration with external services, and custom application development are where the money begins to disappear. The more of these functions you need, the more you end up paying.

Maintenance Budget

The last consideration is the cost of maintenance and marketing after your web design Toronto team completes the website. Maintenance costs might include updating the content, photos, products and text on the site. Often, this can be done by an employee. It won’t take a lot of time unless you have constantly changing products or an active blog. Updating the website is something that needs to be accounted for in your costs. This takes care of hosting, updates, backups and security measures.

Understanding the above can give you the insight you need to build a website inexpensively. There are ways to cut down on the costs depending on the choices you make. Then, all you need to do is find the right agency to take care of the work for you.