Single Page Web Design: When One Isn’t the Loneliest Number

August 15, 2018

Scrolling down and up and back again to get through loads of content works for many websites. This type of design is used for specific business, most likely with a lot of written content that needs to be the focus of the page. For other businesses and websites, a favourite Toronto web design company design is the single page.

Single page web design works well for so many different types of websites thanks to the different setups and options you can use. Having a single page that acts as a base allows web users to be familiar with the page as part of the brand as a whole.

Using branding to your advantage
Any Toronto web design company would agree that strong branding means a successful website overall. It also takes thought and planning to make a website that uses the branding to its fullest potential. By curating the perfect single page design around the specific look of the company or product, it etches an idea and image in the mind of the website user. This works well because the landing page’s design is seen frequently, and strategically placed buttons and clever scrolling options can also be used.

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling
A common way to utilize scrolling in single page design is by using auto-scrolling navigation. This happens intuitively when a user sees a link with a title or image that they want to see more of, and the page automatically scrolls through to that section. This is a very visual way to show how the site is set up to subtly teach the user how to navigate. They could scroll down to new pages themselves, but using the links allows for animation to shine and gives them a shortcut to the content they want to see most.

Setting yourself apart
Single page web design works well with navigation links on various parts of the page. To set yourself apart from other single page designs, play around with putting the navigation section on the left or right side of the screen, providing more vertical space for eye-catching graphics and content. This may need to be tweaked for mobile-friendly sites or sites that have a lot of written content, but for others, it is a perfect approach.

Showcasing work
When a website is needed to showcase important work such as a portfolio or online resume, single page design can come in very handy. To be memorable, you won’t want too much written content, but you will want to aim for a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing website that is easy to navigate. You can have fixed navigation in a corner that is easy to click on but stays out of the way of important content.

With plenty of ways to make it your own, such as having animation or various navigation panels, single page design gives users plenty of time to focus on the content of an easy-to-understand website.