Starting Your Own Blog

January 2, 2018

If you’ve thought about building your own blog, you likely know that there are millions of blogs already out there. That’s why it’s important to make sure your own blog is creative, clever and aesthetically pleasing if you want to stand out. You also need to show people why they should read your blog and what exactly you’re offering, and you can do so by trying the tips below.
Choose a Platform
You want to decide whether you want to blog somewhere like Tumblr, Squarespace or WordPress or if you’d prefer to have your own website with your blog hosted on it. This is an easy option for those with coding knowledge, but those who don’t can find many options for web design in Toronto to do the heavy lifting.
Decide What to Blog About
You may already know what you want to blog about, but if you don’t, this is important to consider. You should choose something you are passionate about, so it will hold your interest. To decide on a topic, make a list of things you’re interested in and go from there. Once you’ve come up with an idea, you can move one.
Use a Simple Format
You may want to go crazy with lots of colors and fonts, but this can keep people from visiting your blog. You want something simple and easy to read. Go with no more than three colors and three fonts. You’ll want a font for your headings, sub-headings and your body. You can do some work with typesets and italics but make sure to keep this minimal.
Embrace the Space
You do not have to have something on every pixel of your blog. In fact, white space can make a blog much easier to read. This means visitors who appreciate the approach who might come back another time. Feel free to use blank space to highlight things and let the design breathe a little bit.
Make Use of Convention
You want to be creative, but you also want to make sure people understand they’re looking at a blog. Because of that, it’s important to keep the typical blog pieces there. This means you should have sidebars, headers, search bars, author info and subscription options. This makes certain that your blog is easy to get around.
Be Goal Driven
Whatever your blog’s purpose, you want to create the blog that provides it. This means that it should be easy to understand what your topic is, what makes you different from all the other blogs out there, and who you are targeting as an audience. Make sure you take these things into account when designing and make it easy to get what you want by making it clear how to get there.
These tips should give you a good place to start with building a blog that you can be proud of. And remember, if you aren’t sure you can take it all on yourself, businesses like Blue Flamingo in Toronto can help with the design so you can focus on writing your blogs.