Starting with the basics and adding layers of helpful content and navigation is a great way to build an effective website with intuitive design.

Let’s face it, website users make quick judgments on web design based on a myriad of their own expectations. Successful web design seems to come down to great content, but that really isn’t everything. Especially in this day and age where everyone has a website, creating lots of competition across the board, it’s important to really stick out.

First impressions

For web design in Toronto, first impressions are everything. From the very first click, customers know if they want to stick around on a website or not. You might think what really captures their attention is the aesthetics, since eye-catching graphics and calming typography can really set the tone. But what is really important to keep customers clicking is, of course, the layout itself.

Having an easy to understand main page is everything. Customers need to know where to click to continue on their journey through your website. Think about a site that you’ve visited and quickly left because the layout wasn’t intuitive enough. You can still be creative while sticking to some tried and true layouts that are familiar to most website users.


Speaking of the all-important website user or customer, having a user friendly navigation that is consistent across the site will go a long way in keeping people coming back. If it is way too complicated to get from one part of the site to another, many people will give up.

Having too many long video clips between sections or animated graphics that take too long to load can slow down the user experience, and not in a good way. The website content should do most of the talking, with the most time a customer spends being looking through products or reading through text, and not waiting for the next section to load.

Keeping it high quality

From images to animation to navigation to content, the quality of the website should be up to the standard of the site’s genre. A professional look is key for mostly every genre, and it’s helpful to stay with current website trends.

Web design in Toronto needs classic high quality images, animation and content. Coming across as professional throughout all aspects of a site is important. Often, this means ensuring you have all the necessary sections easily reachable on the main page. An about section helps the customer understand the purpose of the site and gives them an overall view of the company. The rest of the site should match this ethos to keep the standard the same throughout.

A customer can tell right away when visiting a website whether the owner or company means business. Having a beautiful style which matches the company while staying professional and easy to navigate is a recipe for a highly successful and effective website.