Top Five Web Design Trends for 2016 & 2017

January 25, 2017

It’s time to know what’s latest in the market for web designing. With this blog, you’ll know the trends that are popularly followed by the leading web designing companies. By now, it’s quite evident that creating a website of a company is a must in the present business scenario. It’s mandatory for not only creating a digital face but also for helping a business to stand tall with the other competitors in the industry. So, why don’t you look for something new if you’re creating a new website now? And if you already have an existing website, then it’s time to revamp the look and feel of it. So, are you ready to get enlightened?
Here are some of the top web design trends that are followed by web design companies in Toronto and more. Keep reading below:
Scrolling is the new thing – Well, nowadays majority of the people scroll through their phones, tablets, iPads and desktops. So, needless to say, that it has shaped as one of the latest trends that is in vogue. Web designers and developers try to focus on this area and develop websites accordingly because this is a new rage. And as we all know going with the flow is feasible because that’s in demand and catering to the convenience is good for business too.
Fold is an old story– These days ‘fold’ has become an old school thought because scrolling has set the trend. Now, this is possible because of the extensive use of mobile devices that have given way to scrolling. With this, the designers don’t have to scrooge in all the information at the header of the page. Rather, it’s time to make use of the extra space with beautiful images and graphics.
Simplicity is in– Do you know what’s doing the rounds in the world of web designing? It’s simplicity as it’s easy to understand and follow. The main aim of the web designers is to put forward an easy and simple layout with all the crucial information in order to aid the business. Gone are the days when complex websites were in trend. Now, it’s time to just go simple!
Pixelsare non-existent– The responsive designs have taken away pixels from the scene. This is possible because web designing has moved towards grids and percentages that magnify when focussed or else stay as it is when not needed. With modern technology, the websites load faster and scale the icons and pictures to any size without hampering the quality.
Animation is back– If you think animation is ancient, then it’s time to think again. Animation is back with a bang for web designing in the modern day world. Now, the tech freaks are coming with latest innovations in animations and giving a new dimension to the world of web designing.
If you read the above-mentioned top trends, you’ll be aware of all the modern trends that are followed in the industry. So, take a look and start incorporating these trends into your business now and get fruitful results.