It’s hard to talk about web design without talking about trends. They are forever changing, so it is important to stay on top of what is new and exciting in the world of web design. Users are always happy to see new styles and layouts, and these are some ways to really get people clicking and getting views and even sales steady and rising.

Let product placement do the selling

Any e-commerce site knows the importance of web design layout. Web design in Toronto has seen many trends for e-commerce sites and some great examples of successful business practices for online shops selling items. But this new trend is taking a page out of the book of blog and video influencers by using a more product placement-centered way of showcasing what’s for sale. Instead of just having pages upon pages of images of what’s for sale on an e-commerce site, the content itself can do the talking, with links to what is being shown and described embedded in the graphics and text to bring users to the part of the site where they can complete their purchase.

A punch of text right off the bat

In this day and age, everything is about graphics and videos, right? Well, with this trendy webpage opener, web design in Toronto is making a bold statement: that images aren’t everything. It’s true, images aren’t everything. Even though a picture can tell a thousand words, sometimes you need words to speak for themselves!

Very often a homepage begins with a beautiful piece of art or graphic image. This will be followed by some titling, content and images, with more of the same as you scroll through the site. For this trend, there are no graphics or images until a user begins scrolling. For instance, when a user first enters the website, they will see a boldly-colored background with a punch of text in a simple font. This text will of course be clever enough to make the user to want to keep scrolling to find out more about what this bold webpage is about.

Feeling blue

The bold design trend continues but with a very specific hue: blue. Bright colors in general are trending right now, with coral and blue being at the top of the list. Blue is already quite popular in web design in general, so it’s not a surprise that a bright version of this color is making the rounds. Using bright hues is thought to help lift spirits and make people feel good about their visit to a webpage. Cool colors like blue complement everything so well that images, graphics and fonts can make their statement without distraction.

If bold text, bright colors and clever product placement are the popular ways to design webpages right now, then it seems like a good time to be have your website redesigned. These are all achievable practices to put in place to get the web traffic everyone strives for.