Ways to Know You're Using a Well-Designed Website

September 21, 2017

Many people see dozens of websites every day, if not more. As long as those websites have been well designed by team members who are providing a dedicated service, such as individuals who work at a Toronto web design firm, time spent at those websites is enjoyable, useful and informative. However, in other cases, people can become so frustrated that they wonder why they ever started browsing the web at all. There are several things that come together to make up a great website.
Ease of Use
A user-friendly website typically has more engagement from visitors. If people become upset while trying to navigate the website, they might just leave before ever getting what they needed from that online destination. On the other hand, if a person can use a website almost without thinking about it because the process of doing so is straightforward, he or she will be more likely to linger on the website and participate in positive actions, such as buying things or signing up for a newsletter.
Proper Function
Trying to use a website and encountering an error message is very unsettling, but unfortunately, it happens a lot. There are also cases where people try to interact with websites in certain ways, such as by using drop-down menus or links, and realizing that those portions don’t work as intended. Do what you can to prevent these functionality issues.
If you’re working with a skilled web design team, thorough testing is part of getting the job done and achieving satisfaction. After all, a website that looks amazing but doesn’t work well is almost useless because it doesn’t meet all or even most of the goals the site owner probably has.
Strong Visual Appeal
Nicely designed websites look pleasing to the eye for several reasons. In many cases, the site designers have chosen complementary colors for the background and font. Taking this approach results in a website that is easy to read. If you’ve ever been to a website that feels “jarring,” it’s probably because the color scheme is too harsh to the point where your eyes struggle to read it.
When thinking about factors related to visual appeal, you might consider other elements besides color, such as graphics, moving sections and animations. Keep in mind that some of those extras may not load properly on a mobile phone or tablet. If you have any doubts, talk to your team of web designers about how to avoid compromising accessibility or loading times for people who are on slow connections or mobile devices.
An Intuitive Layout
The layout of a website is also worth being aware of, especially if you want to make sure people can find the information they need quickly. Think how a site visitor would and arrange the website so the most commonly requested links are among the easiest to see.
These are some factors you should not ignore when working with a Toronto web design firm. Your attentiveness to them should result in a fantastic website.