Web Design Elements to Add that will Trigger Sales

August 11, 2016

Did you know, human psychology plays an important role in your e-commerce websites? In fact, psychology is considered instrumental in making the sales happen. The visual appeal and functionality of your website are powerful enough to grab attention, so make it worth the while. Analyzing the success of your website is completely dependent on the conversion rate that the website enjoys. Website design is given a lot of emphasis and that is primarily to keep the ROI high.

So, never be under the assumption that website design is not of much importance and it is only the products that matter. Well, the products are definitely important to keep audience attention glued to your website. But to get their attention in the first place the website needs to do the trick. The following web design elements need to be added to trigger sales.
Clear Value Proposition – The value proposition of your business should be highlighted and must grab immediate attention. The essential elements to frame the right value proposition are a) to keep the headline simple with a valuable promise and b) to have a concise body copy in simple language to explain your business.
Precise Product Information – The product description needs to describe the product type effectively. Not just that, but it is important to mention the functionality and the importance of the products also. The description is completely product dependent and needs to be customized accordingly. For instance, an e-commerce website selling TV will have a product description quite different from that of baking utensils in another e-commerce website.
Visually Appealing Images – Images are extremely powerful and considered to be one of the driving forces that help grab attention. Designers should keep in mind to use high-resolution images so that these can draw maximum attention compelling viewers to make the sale happen. Low-quality images are a strict no and extremely damaging for the sale of an e-commerce website.
Proper Visual Hierarchy – Visual hierarchy is important when designing an e-commerce website. The navigation throughout the website becomes better when the visual hierarchy is sorted. It becomes easier for users to understand the website in a better way and find out accurately what they are looking for. When designing the visual hierarchy, remember Fitts’ law, “a viewer’s eyes drift towards elements those are bigger in size.”
Increase in Trust – The best way to enjoy higher sales and revenue is when a business is successful in developing a sense of trust. To generate trust make sure to design the website accordingly. Interestingly, blue is considered to be one of the most effective colors that trigger trust.

Adhering to the above-mentioned pointers will allow web designers working in web design companies in Toronto to taste success and gradually notice the high conversion rate and ROI. In case your website is facing problems of high bounce rate, then it is time for some website re-designing according to the facts mentioned. The results are sure shot ways to help you reach your goal.