Web Design Trends That Never Go Out of Fashion

July 18, 2017

In the world of web design, trends are important. Following current trends makes your website look relevant, up-to-date and professional, and ignoring them generally results in a shabby, old-fashioned looking site that turns visitors away. However, sticking doggedly to current trends isn’t always a good idea. Trends, by their very nature, are temporary, and what is fashionable nowadays may look tacky and outdated only a few years down the line.
Fortunately, there are many trends in web design that are pretty much timeless and have been successfully used for many years. These are a safe bet for designers, who know they can be used time and again with good results.
When it comes to design, simple is often the best way to go. Sites that rely on simple color schemes and clean, uncluttered designs tend to appear more attractive and slick. There are many ways to achieve this, from avoiding unnecessary icons and images to using a small number of colors in the design. Minimalist designs don’t overwhelm the reader and ensure that attention is directed towards the important aspects of the site. On the other hand, sites that are overly cluttered and packed with media are likely to frustrate visitors and turn them away.
Most websites exist for a purpose. You want visitors to stay on your page for a reason, whether that’s to buy something, sign up to your service or something else. Sites that follow a clear pattern and make it easy for visitors to understand what they need to do next are likely to be more successful at achieving their goals. This means everything should be in the right place, with one thing leading logically to the next.
The images and text on your page should complement each other and the general color scheme and design theme of the site. The same applies to any company logos or infographics. This way, the site appears more coherent and easier on the eye. Sites with huge clashes of color and style look messy and unpleasant, and visitors will be unwilling to spend much time looking at them.
Last but not least, no site is worth anything without valuable content. This isn’t really a trend but more like a staple of building a successful website. With poor content, a site will appear shabby and lose authenticity. A site with well-written, trustworthy content is likely to be far more successful at convincing visitors to stick around. It’ll also make your company look more reliable and credible and increase engagement.
All of the above are crucial parts of web design that have endured through the years as various trends have come and gone. While it’s important to stay up to date with what’s fashionable, this will always be secondary to having solid fundamentals. The good news is that plenty of companies for web design in Toronto can take care of this for you and make sure your site is as timeless and modern as possible.