Web Design Trends on Tap for 2018

December 16, 2017

No one wants an outdated website, and one of the positive things about web design is that trends are constantly evolving, giving smaller businesses the ability to adapt before the larger companies and get a competitive edge. Naturally, redesigning a website to stay ahead of the crowd takes knowledge and skill, which is why hiring a Toronto web design firm just makes sense. Your new website should reflect what’s going to be popular and eventually expected by users in 2018, so here are some emerging trends to consider.
Mobile takes center stage
In the middle of this year, Android surpassed Windows as the primary operating system for the first time. While desktops and tablets still do have higher conversion rates, mobile phones are dominating many markets, including the trading hub of Asia. To connect with this quickly-growing demographic, your website needs to put the needs of mobile users on the top of your considerations pile.
It’s worth noting that many mobile users spend their time on apps instead of browsers, which has lead people to question whether mobile optimization is worth the effort. However, given the minimal investment required for mobile-friendly websites, it’s still worth doing. Missing out on any part of the mobile audience, which is growing by leaps and bounds each year, simply isn’t the wisest move.
More genuine content
The online audience of today is increasingly looking for authenticity, especially when it comes to illustration and image use. Having generic images to back up your content may seem sufficient, but that will never have the sane impact as a unique image taken just for that situation. With over one billion websites, it’s much harder now than before to appear unique, so having single-purposed content can be a handy tool to help win over your audience.
Videos for the homepage
Introduction videos offered before your call to action button appear to be increasing conversion rates, according to some statistics. This is exactly why many companies now have a video right on their homepage. Keep in mind that the video does need to have high production values; otherwise, it could actually be off-putting to your users.
Colors and shapes that dare
While flat design and minimalism are popular now, more daring shapes or color combinations are gaining traction. This is usually seen in conjunction with a minimalist design and can make a website really stand out among the competition. All bets are off, but you’ll want to make sure your website still remains easy enough on the eyes for your users
Use the trends of today to give your website the ability to make a mark in the modern digital world. Of course, bear in mind that these trends can give you excellent results immediately, but there is never any guarantee that they will be valid years or even months from now. The key to online survival is being able to adapt to trends as they emerge so that your website is never just another face in a crowded room.