Companies have many visual representations of what they offer. In fact, a packaging, logo, personality and typography all symbolize a brand together with price, customer service, product quality etc. Now, to enjoy the benefits, it should be ensured that one gets in touch with an agency that offers the best website design in Toronto.

Showcasing a company’s brand identity within web design involves some key elements.

Brand and logo

It likely goes without saying, but a company‘s logo should be instantly recognizable. This can happen a number of ways, but the easiest way is to have a well-thought-out design that is simple yet effective. Using this in web design in clever placements throughout while still keeping within a specific look and theme of the overall web design can go a long way toward keeping brand identity strong and recognizable.

Color palette and font

Using color effectively in web design can be a little tricky. Some people think the brighter the better, but often you can follow the saying of “less is more.” Having two or three main colors throughout the web design is ideal, and at least one color will likely be similar to the brand logo or at least be complementary. It is also imperative to keep in mind the dark and light aspects of the color scheme you are using. Remember that the website will be viewed on various devices with different light settings, and you don’t want anyone to have to squint to read the information on the page. When it comes to font, this is another case of “less is more” because you don’t want to mix too many fonts all at once. Everything should be legible and pleasing to the eyes.

Use of images and animations

You may be familiar with a brand’s graphics and not even realize it. These additional memorable aspects of a logo or theme of a brand can help with recognition of brand identity. On top of these simple graphics, images and videos can also be used to help a brand stick out from the crowd. Choosing images, videos or animations to add to website design in Toronto shouldn’t detract from a website’s information; instead, it should be a nice, complementary addition.

Unique and memorable

To have a memorable brand identity, there needs to be a special cohesiveness to every aspect of the web design. From the color palette and the imaging to the logo and the brand’s message, there should be a good reason for consumers to want to recognize and remember what they see. It is important to find the perfect balance between being unique and being simple and productive.

Choose elements that help the brand identity thrive and stick out in a good way while still adhering to common web design practices that help people comfortably click through the website time and time again.