What’s Trending In Web Design?

April 13, 2018

Trends and fads come and go and let’s be honest, sometimes they even come back again. Keeping up with what the public want to see in web design in Toronto means staying on top of the trends and embracing those that come back around. With plenty of competition and the ease in which a user can click away from a website, maybe to never return again, it is more important than ever to find ways to engage and entice the users of today.

Fun with fonts

If you can’t even imagine user serif and sans-serif on the same webpage, this trend might be hard to swallow. Fonts and typography are jumping into bold and unique territory, finding new ways to get people’s attention. And that doesn’t just mean with just fonts themselves, but also how they are displayed with different colours and images within and behind the font.

Strategic use of colour

Speaking of colour, you will find colour being used in what seems like simple ways, but with great effect. Colour in general is becoming more bold and varied, with heavy use of gradient. Bold colours are not necessarily bright and in-your-face, but more untraditional shades that make a statement and give a pop. The gradient not only adds a bit of dimension to the page, it allows for more intricate images, graphics and animation to take center stage.

Adding animation

Animation and illustration can give your company or web page such a unique perspective. It’s all about personality and of course part of brand recognition. Further, in web design, animation and illustration tells a story that words then do not have to. This is great for the gif and video loving users of today. Even adding small animations that do not necessarily tell a story do serve a purpose. They catch the eye, keeping people intrigued and scrolling through, in search of further entertaining moments.

Using chat bots

For some more traditional creators of web design in Toronto, using any type of artificial intelligence might seem too modern or over the top. But chat bots are really catching on for a number of reasons. Having any type of interaction is key for a web designer, so having an actual conversation for the user to take part in–even if it is with a bot–can give that more personal feel designers strive for.

Consider mobile first

Gone are the days where the desktop web experience is the first thing designed. But now mobile-only users are on the rise, and even desktop users are simultaneously using mobile devices. This means it’s becoming imperative to first consider how your web design will look and feel in the mobile version to ensure the mobile crowd have a flawless experience, too.

Trending web design elements can come and go as fast you can scroll through a webpage. One thing is for certain: staying on top of these trends can help you have the most successful website that is user friendly for today’s visitor.