A growing number of companies are moving away from the classic in-house and outsourced models for marketing, instead engaging agencies offering a more adaptable and cost-efficient approach. Introducing fractional marketing.


What does the ‘fractional’ in ‘fractional marketing’ really mean? In essence, it’s about offering a slice of something larger. With fractional marketing, businesses have the opportunity to harness a segment of a full-scale marketing team, focusing on specific skill sets or services. It provides the expertise of a complete team but operates in modular fashion, allowing companies to tap into portions of the service without committing to the whole.

Rather than committing to a full-time, in-house team, you have the choice to bring in a specialist team, but only when you require them. Crucially, you’re only using the skill sets that complement what’s already in-house. If you’ve got a stellar CMO or an awesome graphic design team already, no worries. A fractional marketing approach is all about plugging in where you need support, not replacing what’s working well.

Here’s the roles you can expect within Blue Flamingo’s fractional marketing team service:

  • PROJECT MANAGER: Your primary contact within our team, responsible for overseeing the entire work, ensuring it aligns with your vision, remains within budget, and is delivered on time.
  • CMO: Provides strategic direction, oversees the entire marketing function, and ensures all activities align with your brand’s goals and objectives.
  • WEB DESIGNER: Taps into current trends to craft appealing and functional web designs that resonate with your audience.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Creates compelling visuals for campaigns, ensuring your brand remains consistent and memorable across all platforms.
  • DATA & CRM SPECIALIST: Manages integration with your CRM to ensure best practices are maintained, optimizing lead management and customer relationship strategies.
  • CONTENT STRATEGIST: Shapes the voice of your brand through compelling content, ensuring it aligns with your messaging and appeals to your target audience.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST: Takes charge of your brand’s presence on social platforms, crafting posts that engage, inform, and resonate with followers.
  • SEO SPECIALIST: Optimizes your content and website for search engines, ensuring you rank well and attract organic traffic consistently.
  • PAID MEDIA SPECIALIST: Manages paid advertising campaigns, ensuring optimal ROI and that ads reach your target demographic effectively.

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, a fractional marketing team melds with your own. For us, we value the depth, industry insights, and innovative flair your team possesses. Therefore, our fractional marketing team doesn’t operate in isolation; they function as an integral extension of your existing team, collaborating towards common goals.


The beauty of a fractional marketing team is its adaptability. These experts integrate with your current team, bolstering its strengths and addressing any skills gaps. Being part of the action ensures they’re well-versed with your business nuances, guaranteeing strategies are bespoke and aligned to your specific needs.


One of the standout features of fractional marketing is its innate flexibility. Need a specific set of skills for a unique campaign? Sorted. Want them on board for longer? No issue. This model is more budget-friendly than taking on full-time staff. Furthermore, the adaptability of fractional marketing means your campaigns can easily adjust, giving you a competitive edge.


From reimagining your brand to orchestrating a comprehensive digital strategy, fractional marketing teams are becoming a favored alternative choice for businesses keen on maximizing their marketing investment.

In 2023, the allure of fractional marketing over traditional in-house or outsourced models is hard to ignore. By seamlessly blending with existing teams and offering unparalleled flexibility and cost-efficiency, a fractional marketing team provides an enticing solution for companies.