Marketers and web designers are well aware of the connection they have, and it relates to the user experience. If the web design is subpar, marketers can’t do their job. The best web design offers an experience that keeps the intended audience coming back for more.

Marketers and web designers can both agree that having a customer or user who keeps coming back is the best result they can get from their efforts. Whether a website is used for purchasing goods or providing information, it is important that consumers are interested in coming back to the site for further visits. This creates a good relationship between the company and the audience and builds trust.

Intuitive, user-friendly design

People practicing web design in Toronto know the importance of navigation. Without helpful, user-friendly navigation, a website is little more than a pretty page to look at.

Visitors to a website shouldn’t have to click around in an endless goose chase to find what they need. The places to click to get the information they need should be intuitive. This comes down to the placement of links as well as the font, color and style of the layout itself.

Function and purpose

The style and design itself shouldn’t take away from the purpose of the site. Flashy graphics, videos and music can serve a purpose for some, but it’s important to really think through each design choice. Is it serving a purpose toward the end goal?

Web design in Toronto is all about functionality while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Once the user-friendly navigation is sorted and the design choices are made, it’s necessary to test out whether the function and purpose is up to a high standard.

Is a great marketing strategy worth it?

Some web designers and companies might be wondering whether they need to go all out with a specific marketing strategy for their site. The return on investment for having a great strategy in place for user experience makes everything well worth it.

If a website is easy to navigate and pleasing to look at and interact with, aren’t you more likely to stay awhile and maybe even make a purchase? You are a user and consumer just like the consumers who will be visiting your website. The old adage says to treat others how you would like to be treated, and it works here, too. Creating a successful user experience strategy can make all the difference to the success of the business.

Any marketing strategist and web designer will know that first impressions really are everything. Pleasing colors that complement the site’s products and purpose are essential, as is informative content. It is extra important to have a leg up on the competition by having a strategy in place. With a clever plan, great content and user-friendly navigation, you will see why marketing and web design really do go hand in hand.