A slow website could mean slow business

When it comes to having a successful website and a successful company, you must be accessible. Having a website which loads quickly is step one.

We have all experienced a slow website, sitting and waiting for what feels like an eternity for a website to load some crucial information you need immediately. It always seems it goes even slower when you are in a hurry, right?

Now imagine that frustrating feeling is what is happening to your customers. People viewing your website just might click somewhere else if it is too much of a hassle to get what they need from yours.

Immediate satisfaction

The nature of modern day media is fast paced, urgent and immediate. That is what we all want in a website—instant answers and instant information at our fingertips. Those who apply important aspects of web design in Toronto understand the different things that can slow a website down and what to take into consideration to avoid customers having any frustration at all.

It’s not just frustrating having a slow-moving website, it can also have negative effects when it comes to transactions. If your site has items for sale and the webpage is too slow to handle secure payments that can mean disaster. This is an important reason to ensure your site is up to speed—literally.

Images, videos and illustrations

The little circle of doom has happened many times before. You know what this is: the rotating circle which tells a website user that something is loading. They wait and wait for the circle to stop spinning and the item to load.

More often than not, that loading circle occurs wherever there is a large image, photo, video or some type of animated object on a webpage. While these items are all very important for a website, forgoing the larger file sizes of videos may help in the long run.

Many brands are opting for using easier-to-upload illustrations. The Illustration can be your brand, plain and simple. In this day and age of photograph sharing and generic images used at every turn, using illustrations can really set you apart from the rest. Having such a unique showing of your product, company motto or logo can help you stand out and truly get your point across.

Illustrations are a welcome change from stock images and can make a website user stop and concentrate on your product more. That is, after all, the point of your website—for customers or users to stop and think about your content and possibly even interact or buy items for sale. If a visitor cannot even load your images, then they will not stick around to take in the content once it loads.

Looking at web design in Toronto, you will see there are still plenty of ways to make your website pop without slowing things down. Try different ways to make your site exciting, efficient and effective.