The last thing that a business wants is to be labeled ordinary. It brings to mind a brand that is just like every single one of its competitors. Predictability is another word that can bring negative connotations with it. However, when it comes to a company website, predictable is not a bad thing. In fact, when it comes to functionality of a website, being predictable is a great thing. The last thing you want is to go so far outside of the box that your users aren’t sure how to navigate your website.

How to Maintain Internal Consistency

You can still be creative with your website if you maintain internal consistency. Keeping the function of the website consistent allows you the flexibility to add your own flair to things. Make sure the person you choose for Toronto web design uses standard design elements like links to your social media, search features and standard navigation options. Using accepted UI design patterns will ensure users can easily navigate and understand your site.

Working Toward Simplifying Your Site

One of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure UI consistency is through a simple website design. This doesn’t mean that your site has to be boring or plan. It does mean that a user should be able to navigate the site without trouble. Beyond being consistent for your users, it will also earn you points with Google. The reason for that is because most users appreciate a simple design to a more complex one. Rather than coming up with a crazy new layout, take the time to work with a simple idea and make it better than other companies do.

Offer a Dose of Cohesive Content

Another aspect of cohesiveness on your website is the content. Every piece of content that reaches your website should have the same voice, quality, and tone as other content. You also want the content to complement and work with the design of your Toronto web design contractor. Once a user visits your site, you want it to be clear that what you offer is reflected in the content you provide. While it may take time, having consistent postings on your website and social media will drive traffic and bring in conversions.

Uniformity of Basic Website Elements

So how do you build consistency while still having room for your own personality? It’s not as difficult as you might thing. Below are some of the items that users prefer to see consistency with:

•       Brand visuals and logo
•       Button colors
•       Clickable elements
•       Color palette
•       Headers, footers, and sidebars
•       Size of site elements
•       Typography size
•       Whitespace

As you can see, this gives room for innovation and creativity while ensuring users get a website that is simple to use. Remember that new users will not be familiar with your site and the way they view it may not be the same as you do. Take yourself out of your own shoes for a moment and look at things from their perspective for the best results.