Let the landing page be the best first impression

When a user clicks to a website, the landing page should give the wow factor and keep them interested enough to continue clicking through.

First impressions are everything, right? You have a split second for someone to quickly judge whether they want to give you the time of day. This is especially true in the World Wide Web, with so many options for information. If you can’t catch a website user’s eye right away, they can easily click somewhere else. To help avoid giving your competitors any of your potential customers or users, you must ensure your landing page is attention grabbing and user friendly.

Paving the way

Web design in Toronto shows us that it is incredibly important to have an easy-to-understand and eye-catching design for a landing page. With a well manicured homepage, the user knows exactly what they are getting into and they are simultaneously interested in getting more of what you’re offering.

Calls to action help with this immensely. Inviting the user to get into the content and your product or brand by inviting them to take some sort of action is essential. Lead them into your content with a question or an image to click through or perhaps a musical cue. Utilize something that you feel they might be thinking about at any given moment, and use that knowledge to your advantage. If you know your product or website can help them with something that bothers them, for instance, ask them to click through to help with that specific woe. Knowing what the customer wants and how they feel is half the battle, and you can use this information to help them help themselves by clicking through your landing page.

Another important point to consider when creating a call to action to pave the way for the content past the landing page is to not give too much choice. Making users think too much right from the start can be overwhelming. The call should be concise and clear, with an easy choice to make.

Changing things up

There is a time and a place for everything. Your landing page also has a time and a place, and that time might not be a fixed, permanent thing. You see, it is important to change things up from time to time. For instance, if you have a new product coming out or you are embarking on a new marketing campaign, that is the perfect time to change up your landing page.

Consumers who visit your page day after day or a few times a month will become numb to the tactics and graphics of your current landing page. The trends of web design in Toronto are ever-changing, and so should your themes, graphics, and to an extent, your content. Knowing what is trending and what the users are looking for can help you stand out with your landing page.