Every creative can benefit from an online portfolio that showcases their work in the best light. So, if you’re ready to put together your own digital portfolio, here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Present your Work Front and Centre

Letting your work do all the talking is always going to be more impactful than shoehorning in an array of features that distract the eye and leave viewers feeling confused. Typically, online portfolios that feel cluttered are trying to distract from a selection of mediocre work that otherwise wouldn’t get a second glance.

It’s also important to remember that people don’t want to wait around for web pages to load. You’ve got a maximum of three seconds if you want to hold a person’s attention, so you need to make sure that your file sizes and on-site features don’t cause your site to lag.

2. Be Yourself

As a creative, it is important to have your own identity that sets you apart from everyone else in your field. Your portfolio is the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality and give viewers a good idea of what they can expect from working with you.

This is also the ideal opportunity to form connections with people you would want to work with, so using the right language is just as important as your aesthetic choices.

3. Accessibility Matters

Your portfolio should be easily accessible and display beautifully on desktop and mobile devices. Your navigation must be intuitive and every piece of text needs to be easy to read. This isn’t the place for intricate cursive fonts that will leave your viewers squinting at the screen trying to decipher the message you are trying to communicate.

4. Shout about Client Testimonials

Received some awesome testimonials and reviews from current or past clients? Then highlight them on your portfolio website! This simple addition can significantly increase the level of trust someone has in your work and your skillset and is another way to demonstrate that you know how to work with others to deliver a first-class project.

5. Share Fresh Content Consistently

Search engines want to recommend websites that are frequently updated with fresh, top quality content to their users. By incorporating a blog feature into your online portfolio, you are giving yourself the opportunity to increase your online visibility and form new connections with potential clients and employers. Whether you want to update your blog once a week or once a month, just be sure that when you’re creating a content schedule, you actually have the bandwidth to commit to being consistent.

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