There’s been a resurgence in the trend for a one page website and this style of website, when done well, certainly has plenty to recommend it. After all, with a one-page website, you can take full control of the narrative journey that visitors experience, helping you to convey your brand’s message clearly. Read on to discover five tips for creating a truly beautiful one page website.

1. Prioritise Essentials

Perhaps the key tip to remember is this: make sure that the most important or relevant information is presented right at the top of your web page. This will ensure that your visitors find the essentials they need straight away, sparing them the frustration of having to scroll down in an attempt to find what they are looking for. By having the right information prioritised, you can help to reduce the dreaded “bounce rates” and encourage users to keep on exploring your message, too.

2. Keep Things Simple

You will encourage people to spend longer visiting your website if you make sure that it’s easy to follow. Keeping things simple and relevant should be your focus, and be careful with the order of the content, make sure to arrange it in a logical order. Divide different segments of information, too, so that visitors to your website aren’t confronted by an intimidating wall of content.

3. Navigation Still Matters

You might think that if you opt for a one page website, then navigation is no longer an issue. Wrong! In fact, as leaders in web design in Toronto will confirm, having an effective way for visitors to jump to different parts of the page will greatly improve the user experience, which in turn helps to build that customer engagement you need. It doesn’t have to be complicated, however: simply using anchor links will allow visitors to move from section to section with ease.

4. Consult Experts in Web Design in Toronto

There’s simply no excuse to have a dull-looking website these days, and it’s never been easier to incorporate eye-catching and engaging multi-media content into your web page. From interactive animations through to video or audio content, think beyond simple text and pictures to truly capture your visitor’s attention and keep them exploring your site. Even standard images can be made more engaging by setting them into a dynamic slide show format. Talk to an expert in web design in Toronto now to discover just what’s possible to include in your one page website.

5. Don’t Forget Your Call to Action

Of course, the goal of your one-page website will be to attract and engage new customers, so don’t make the mistake of leaving out a powerful Call to Action. After all, once you have guided the visitor through your ideal narrative journey, you are in the strongest position to make an effective CTA. Decide what you need the visitor’s next step to be, and put it out there at the end of your web page. Including options for visitors to subscribe to communications is a great way to continue your relationship and hopefully mark the beginning of a valuable customer journey.