As a business, your brand identity is the main route to building sales. When customers grow to recognise and value your brand, they are more likely to send custom your way on a repeat basis, and recommend you to their own network.

But how can you create that brand identity, and what does your digital brand strategy have to do with it?

Why web design in Toronto matters to businesses?

Whether your business has physical premises or is run entirely on an e-commerce basis, your digital marketing strategy will be a key route to building brand awareness and engaging customers to convert.

To create your digital brand strategy, you need to focus on various channels. The most obvious one is perhaps your website, which is where an agency specialising in web design in Toronto can assist. Firstly, review your website using analytics to see how your customers and visitors are using it. Check for high bounce rates or pages which aren’t converting. Look at those which are doing well. Are your CTA’s strong? Is your copy and messaging on point?

When you can identify issues, you can put mitigating measures in place. For example, a page in your sales funnel with a high bounce rate might indicate that the customer doesn’t have enough information to feel confident about completing the purchase. As a business, you could implement a chatbot on this page in order to answer questions and to help deliver that conversion. Make sure you mirror similar improvements to your app as well, ensuring that every page works as it should.

Other digital channels

The next focal area must be your social media channels. Check that your brand is present on the platforms that your customers value, and then build a content plan which provides valuable, relevant and regularly changing content. Social media is a superb channel for marketing, engagement and online advertising, so make the most of it to build your brand identity – and make sure you are active on it, engaging with customers, answering questions and getting your brand out there!

From here, look at PR to make sure your brand is being well represented online. Again, agency support can help you here with the creation of a digital PR strategy that gets your brand mentioned across relevant publications and channels – helping to build a positive perception of your business.

Considering your print marketing

Remember too that for your digital marketing strategy to work, your print, direct and events strategies must also integrate in a way that derives maximum cross-channel benefits, so don’t develop anything in isolation!

In conclusion – it’s time to take digital seriously

In short, from upping the game with your web design in Toronto and using the professional expertise that you need in this field, to creating a strong social and content strategy, digital marketing will help you to achieve the results in the market that you need – from a strong degree of brand recognition, through to those all-important conversions.