It is no secret that a robust and carefully considered marketing strategy can generate the levels of reliable revenue required to secure meaningful growth for a business. However, many businesses don’t have the ability to hire a full marketing team, particularly small and medium sized businesses without unlimited access to funds. If this sounds like you, don’t panic because this is precisely where fractional marketing comes into play.

What is Fractional Marketing?

Fractional marketing refers to the process of outsourcing marketing responsibilities and tasks to agencies or individual professionals as and when required rather than creating a permanent in-house marketing team.

Fractional marketing strategies ensure that each piece of a company’s marketing needs, such as strategic development, content creation, social media management and market research, are covered by either an internal or an external specialist.

What Are the Benefits of Fractional Marketing?

Fractional marketing allows you to access top specialists as and when you need their help, support and expertise.

For example, if you wanted to integrate some automation tools in order to better execute your social media strategy, you could choose to work with an automation expert who has the skills and abilities to ensure that you’re selecting the right technologies for your business and building beneficial workflows to deliver optimal outcomes.

Similarly, you could work alongside a web design company in Toronto to redesign or refresh aspects of your website in order to better appeal to your ideal audience, drive more sales, and establish your company as a leading figure within your niche.

By working with specialists precisely when their expertise and knowledge are most advantageous, you achieve a degree of adaptability and flexibility that generally isn’t possible with a full-time in-house team. Additionally, you will find it much easier to optimise your costs with regard to this facet of your business, allowing you to get the most value from your marketing investment.

Do I Need a Fractional Marketing Strategy?

Fractional marketing strategies can provide substantial benefits for small businesses, start-ups, and businesses working with a limited budget. But how can you determine whether you would benefit from adopting this sort of approach?

Firstly, you should think about whether your current marketing efforts are providing a solid return on your investment. If you don’t currently have a marketing team, do you have the available funds to onboard an experienced marketing professional with the skills to help you reach your business goals?

If the answer to those questions is “no,” then you might benefit from the flexibility that fractional marketing can offer.

For start-ups and new businesses, it can also be beneficial to consider whether you have the time and expertise to build a website and execute a marketing campaign ahead of your official launch. You only have one opportunity to make the right first impression, so working with a design and marketing agency can help you get your business up and running and off to a successful start.

What to Look For in a Web Design Company in Toronto

When the time comes to look for the right people to support you with specific areas of your business, it is important that they can demonstrate their expertise and provide you with past examples of their work. However, you should also ensure that they understand the unique needs and goals of your business, and be able to showcase precisely how their skills will help you to push towards the outcomes you want to see.