Website exploitation takes many forms; for example, data mining and theft, hacking and even ransomware can all undermine the safety of your website and the security of your visitors. Fortunately, there are some straightforward tips that can make it more difficult for malicious individuals to exploit your hard work.

Use respected web design agencies in Teddington

Free web design platforms have enabled anybody, regardless of their skillset or programming knowledge, to design and host a website. There are many advantages to this, and internet freedom is a beautiful thing; however, with ease of access comes insecurity.

These free to design and free to host websites are often leaky. This can be because the designer doesn’t fully understand how to implement proper security systems or because the hosting platform itself is vulnerable. It is always best to consult a web design expert to ensure your site is fully secure and up to date with all the latest requirements.

Avoid uploads

Most websites will have some kind of download function. These are generally safe and even recommended to enhance the user experience; however, web designers should be extremely careful about allowing uploads. No matter how innocuous an upload looks, it could still harbour script that will leave your website hopelessly open to attacks.

The effect of a fraudulent upload might not be immediately apparent. Many of these bogus files simply programme in a ‘back door’ that gives hackers easy entry at a future date. If you must allow uploads, apply extreme caution. Check that file extensions are correct and never allow a user to execute a file they have uploaded.

Choose HTTPS

The S in HTTPS stands for security, so it is no surprise that people seeking web design in Teddington are always recommended to use this rather than the older HTTP. This is particularly applicable if users need to input any private details – cards or addresses, for example – on your website.

In simple terms, HTTPS ensures that hackers can’t intercept data. It also means that users will always communicate with the correct server and generally offers a high level of protection. Google recently announced that it will prioritise HTTPS websites in its search, so there are also definite SEO benefits.

Consider security tools

There is a range of website security tools on the market to suit any budget. They mimic the behaviour of hackers and are used to test just how secure your website really is, enabling you to plug any gaps. Many users seek web design in Teddington as a way to avoid trawling through all the software on offer, as a professional web designer will already have the right tools at their disposal.

Whatever software you choose, it is important to remain up to date. Hackers evolve their methods on a regular basis, so security tools are updated to keep up. Ensuring that you are running the latest version is the best way to remain ahead of the curve, ahead of the hackers and completely secure.