Twenty-twenty has been a troubled year with the pandemic and repeated lockdowns, but it’s also been a year that’s seen technology thrive. Software has responded to changing circumstances, public health demands and increased time spent at home. It’s uncertain just what the future holds, but there are three important technologies which are sure to prosper in 2021.

Rust programming will dominate web design in Toronto

The Rust programming language made waves in 2020 as it came to the attention of tech behemoths including Intel, Facebook and Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft is even considering adopting the language in 2021, so that buzz isn’t going to die down any time soon. Rust has undergone quite the trajectory from a programming language mostly used by hobbyists, but its emphasis on fun and accessibility has made it extremely popular. Now it’s ready to take the final steps on its journey to becoming a major player. In the software world, companies tend to follow where Microsoft leads, so Rust is likely to continue its exponential growth throughout next year. There’s no doubt that Rust will play an integral role in web design in Toronto during 2021.

Low code development will be popular

Once upon a time, sprawling teams were required to develop software, but all that changed in 2020 and those changes don’t look likely to be reversed. There are many ways to create a low code environment but this process often involves automating the many manual tasks which software developers once had to perform themselves. Automated testing is a good example of this, and can really speed up the development process. Low code developments are cheaper, easier to set up and offer a much more streamlined approach to software design. They also encourage substantially higher levels of productivity and mean that tasks which once took days can be completed in a matter of hours. Moreover, low code development offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing developers to update software with alarming efficacy, all the while delivering a better user experience. Web design in Toronto will certainly favour small team environments and low code development moving through 2021.

Native app development will be favoured

Native app development allows software engineers to tailor apps to specific platforms, be that Apple IOS, Android or any other operating system. The result is dramatically improved user experience and software developed natively will almost always be faster, more reliable and more secure. Since the software is designed specifically for individual operating systems, it delivers optimum performance and can even be used offline. Coding native apps is a somewhat more involved process than working on hybrid versions, and demands a deeper understanding of individual programming languages. It also requires programmers to have access to specific software development kits, but the time consuming nature of native app development won’t stop it being a major feature of web design in Toronto in 2021. Users increasingly demand excellence and software designers will rise to the challenge.

So, keep an eye to see what’s more in the store for the fresh New Year.