Tools Every Web Designer Should Have

September 24, 2017

Every good web designer knows that things in the industry are constantly changing. New tools and methods are a constant and being aware of them is just one thing on a designer’s plate.
Are you more of a designer than a programmer? You are far from alone. If you don’t have a lot of coding experience, Webydo is an excellent way to put together HTML-5 site without dealing with any of the code wrangling. This tool allows you to use a WYSIWYG editor to optimize your design for any device you wish.
FontStruct allows you to create the exact font you want and makes the process simple. You can use geometric shapes to build the font, get help from other designers on the platform and share your newly created fonts with others. If you haven’t found that perfect font, you can get in there and make it yourself.
This tool allows you to sketch designs and then watch them as they come to life. Axure is an interactive wireframing tool that makes mockups simple. You can create templates, save designs, annotate and more. There are also available placeholders so you can share and develop within a team.
Formerly known as Ink, Foundation allows you to create emails with a little help. It is built on a responsive framework with built in HTML, so it works across all sorts of devices and clients. Foundation allows you to plug in a basic template code framework that makes beautiful and responsive emails that everyone has access to.
When many websites look the same, it can lead to a feeling that the content is also all the same. Avoid that with your site by using Typecast. It helps you find the right tone and personality for your site using many legible typefaces that will get your customers attention. You can also see how fonts look on various devices, edit those fonts, test page loading speeds, and muck around with other factors to get just the right look.
Another option for those without coding skills is Macaw. You simply draw a design onto the page and the software will take it and turn it into CSS and HTML. You can use global styles in various models, incorporate dynamic fonts, and more. Macaw will convert it into a dynamic layout with absolute, fixed and static positioning.
Pixlr is a tool that allows you to recreate the beautiful colors and designs from photos and images in your own web design. This is an entire suite of instruments that show you what is possible in design today. You can do image creation, photo editing, overlays and much more. This tool pushes you to the brink of modern web design and allows you to do things you might never have expected.
For all the those working on web design in Toronto, these tools should give you somewhere new to look for inspiration. Each is new and exciting, sure to bring great things to the table.