Selecting the right visual style is one of the most important decisions that need to be made early on in the web design process. Although your first instinct might be to choose photography, here are 10 reasons why we think you should consider illustration, all of which are approved by a dedicated team delivering high-quality web design in Vancouver.

1. Simplify complex concepts

There are many concepts, ideas, and situations that are difficult to photograph. However, a talented illustrator can create striking visuals that make even the most complex subjects seem simple.

2. Enhance uniqueness

Standing out online is becoming increasingly challenging, therefore having a strong and distinct visual identity is critical. Illustrations can accurately capture and reflect your brand’s style in ways other visual mediums can’t. They can also be significantly more memorable than photographs, which will help to boost your brand recognition and ensure you aren’t easily forgotten.

3. Embrace your differences

We’ve all seen countless websites using the same stock photography, which feels inauthentic and is detrimental to the overall user experience. Illustrations will help you to avoid creating yet another lookalike site within your niche.

4. Tell stories

Storytelling can help brands to capture the attention of their target audience. Illustration allows you to tell an array of stories, from the origins of your brand to an in-depth look at what your customers can expect from you.

5. Break barriers

Unlike traditional photography, illustration allows you to step outside of reality and create a brand identity where nothing feels impossible.

6. Quick communication

Because the human brain processes visual information faster than written information, skillfully produced illustrations can be used to effectively express a fundamental point rapidly.

7. Ground your visual style

You can use illustrations to establish your entire visual style, from your colour palette to your shapes, textures, and tones.

8. Inform structural design decisions

Your website needs to be intuitive and accessible, with a clear layout that makes sense to your target audience. Your unique illustrative style can be used to guide this process, ensuring that the shapes and forms of each element cooperate to create a complete website that delivers maximum functionality while feeling cohesive.

9. Stir emotions

Consumers want to feel an emotional connection with the businesses they choose to support. Our emotions have a lot of influence over the decisions we make every day. From instilling a sense of accomplishment to something that tugs on the heartstrings, you can use illustrations to stir certain emotions in ways that feel authentic to your brand.

10. Experiment with interaction

In addition to creating animated visual content, illustrations can be used as interactive elements that can capture the attention of the viewer in ways that photography cannot. From animated overlays to attention-grabbing moving logos, illustration provides a way to start embracing the power of audience interaction.

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