During the Covid-19 lockdown consumers who might previously have enjoyed living their lives in the physical world have begun to shop, enjoy entertainment, experience gym classes, order food and engage with other digital services in huge numbers. With quarantine restrictions in place for months throughout 2020 the explosion of digital services began here and now looks set to stay. Digital marketing is also in demand to promote these innovative new services to a fresh and growing audience.

Changing marketing trends

This trend looks set to stay as restrictions persist, public opinion about being outdoors changes, and as people begin to enjoy buying more products and services indoors. This means that businesses need to invest heavily in their digital marketing activities in order to compete, considering everything from web design in Toronto to social media services and advertising across the country.

Why focus on web design in Toronto?

If you are a business looking to get ahead with your digital marketing, it makes sense to get your basics in place first. If you are London-based, look for an agency that offers web design in Toronto to assess your existing website and to suggest improvements. This might involve creating fresh content, applying a fresh design or template or improving user journeys. It might also include integrating payment platforms and e-commerce functionality, embedding social media and considering an app.

What to consider first?

The important thing is to assess what your customers want and to use this as your starting point for any changes and adjustments. There is a wealth of data available in the back-end of all digital platforms and smart marketers can use this data to work out where customers are currently leaving a website or failing to convert. Where this is identified, there are measures that can be put in place to lower this bounce rate, such as an automated live chat feature which is programmed to kick in at points where customers are likely to leave before they convert.

A broader reach of marketing

As well as your website, consider other essential digital marketing channels, such as social media, SEO and online advertising. These channels should be used together as part of an integrated digital marketing plan and content can be created for each and repurposed across channels for maximum effect. A good marketing agency can help you to assess your full marketing mix and see where improvements can be made. By carrying out this work in a holistic way, the resulting benefits will be far more attractive, with a stronger return on investment (ROI) and a more cohesive feel to your customer engagement as a whole.

Remember too to integrate your online activity with your offline activity so that any print materials, out-of-house advertising, events and other offline marketing channels are consistent. This way your customers, and your prospects, can begin to identify your brand and engage with it for maximum sales and loyalty.