Regardless of your line of business, a website is essential. Keeping this in mind, you must make the right choices when it comes to designing your website, since every choice can influence the experience your visitors have.

Also known as CMS (Content Management Systems), software such as Django CMS and WordPress are frameworks which can allow even inexperienced web developers to create functional, attractive websites. Both Django CMS and WordPress are open-source software products, meaning that they are free to use. Budget-conscious business owners will find them to be an excellent choice.

One common question for those looking to create a website is whether Django CMS or WordPress is the better choice. In truth, both offer their benefits. WordPress, for example, is a good option if you want to be able to get your website up and running quickly.

While Django, meanwhile, is appreciated by those with basic web development skills, since it allows quick and easy modification of websites without requiring an administrator account. It’s a Python library that launched in 2005 and now achieves more than 8 million downloads a month [1]

WordPress: An Overview

Even a total beginner can achieve a professional-looking website with WordPress. There’s no need to be able to code, and you can add functionality by selecting ready-made themes and plug-ins. This makes WordPress a good option for a business website, including e-Commerce companies, as well as a popular choice for those looking to create a personal website or online portfolio.

It’s worth bearing in mind that whilst many of the plug-ins and interfaces are free to use on WordPress, some will incur a small charge. However, WordPress is still an excellent budget option.

Django CMS: An Overview

Django CMS, meanwhile, offers an array of tools that make it easy to build websites with specific requirements, such as databases. This makes it a popular option for those who need to include more complex functionality, such as directories, in their websites, as well as for e-Commerce businesses, and financial firms.

One attractive feature of Django CMS is that it is highly scalable, making it a smart choice for those who expect their website to grow and develop over time. This is thanks to Django CMS’s large library of pluggable applications. It is also a highly secure option. It is however recommended that you have some experience with Python programming to get the best results.

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