Whether you’re going it alone with your WordPress website or you’re working with a team of professionals involve in web design in Kingston, parallax design is something that definitely ought to be on your radar. Used to maximum effect it can help to engage prospective customers and encourage them to stick around long enough to make a purchase.

What is parallax design?

Parallax design certainly isn’t anything new. It’s been used with great success in computer games for years, eventually making the crossover to web design around 10 years ago. Since then it’s been used intermittently by a number of web designers, and is now available across a huge number of WordPress themes too.

Simply put, parallax web design involves the background image of a site scrolling at a slower rate than the main content. The overall effect is much the same as when you travel on a car or train and things in the foreground seem to whizz past much more quickly than the background scenery and clouds.

It creates an interesting and eye-catching three-dimensional effect which, done correctly, instantly engages the viewer. Research studies continually show that parallax design can greatly increase conversion rates as it helps site visitors to really engage with your brand.

Why do website visitors love parallax design?

Study after study indicates that parallax scrolling leads to more conversions. So what is it about this particular design technique that makes it so special?

One of the greatest points in its favour is that parallax design can look absolutely stunning. The visual effect is quite entrancing, capturing the full attention of the viewer which instantly starts to generate a connection. Great web content can build on strengthening that bond, ultimately leading to a sale.

Parallax design is also important in an age of long-page scrolling. It can be all too easy to lose your reader halfway through a page, and a bored visitor who clicks away to a competitor’s site is highly unlikely to return.

Although parallax design is widely available, it looks complex enough to deter the majority of website owners, so it still has a real ‘wow’ factor that grabs audience attention. When used well it can help to guide the visitor through the story of your brand and help them to feel connected – the ultimate goal of every online business!

Note that in order to be effective parallax web design is something that needs to be done exceptionally well. Poorly executed parallax design will have the opposite effect to the one intended, infuriating site visitors and leading to frustration – and potentially lost sales.

Discover web design in Kingston that brings parallax WordPress designs to life

If you want to maximise your business opportunities and turn every site visitor into a potential customer, choose the specialists in web design in Kingston to help. You’ll end up with a great looking website that will captivate your audience, and keep generating business for you, day and night.